Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to those topics as below:

e-Education and e-Learning
Accessibility to Disabled Users
ICT and Dyslexic Students
Digital classrooms     
Digital Libraries
Distance Learning   
Web-based learning     
Blended learning    
Collaborative Learning Environments   
Learning Management Systems
Mobile Applications and Learning
Course design    
Partnerships in e-Learning     
Evaluation of e-Learning    
e-Learning strategies    
Social benefits of e-Learning    
e-Learning effectiveness and outcomes    
Learner autonomy    
Computer-aided Instruction   
Applications and Practices of e-Education   
Artificial Intelligence in Education    
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Social Networks

e-Business and e-Government
B2B, B2C, and C2C models   
Mobile and pervasive commerce  
e-Marketplaces, e-Hubs, and portals   
Pervasive technologies for eCommerce  
Business/Enterprise Architectures  
P2P-computing for e-Commerce  
e-Payment systems   
e-Commerce content management 
Consumer protection in eCommerce  
Electronic Markets and Multiagent Systems 
e-Negotiations, auctioning and contracting 
Business informatization
Knowledge management
Agent-mediated e-Commerce 
Digital goods and products  
Dynamic pricing models  
User behavior modeling 
G2G, G2B and G2C models  
Electronic document system
E-procurement and bidding

Mobile Technology and Web Services
Security and confidentiality  
Content repositories 
Data envelopment analysis  
Meta data standards  
Needs analysis 
Semantic Web ontologies, rules and services 
Web Services, Grid Services and Service-Oriented Computing 
Semantic Web and Ontology 
Web Intelligence, Agents and Personalization
  Pervasive, Mobile and Peer-to-Peer Computing Technologies 
Context-Aware, Location-based and Autonomous Computing 
Security, Privacy, Trust and Reputation for e/m-Services 
Payment Technologies for e/m-Services