Call for Papers

Prospective authors are invited to submit technical papers of their previously unpublished work. Areas of interest for the technical program include but are not limited to:

e-Education and e-Learning
Accessibility to Disabled Users
ICT and Dyslexic Students
Digital classrooms
Digital Libraries
Distance Learning
Web-based learning
Blended learning
Collaborative Learning Environments
Learning Management Systems
Mobile Applications and Learning
Course design
Partnerships in e-Learning
Evaluation of e-Learning
e-Learning strategies
Social benefits of e-Learning
e-Learning effectiveness and outcomes
Learner autonomy
Computer-aided Instruction
Applications and Practices of e-Education
Artificial Intelligence in Education
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Social Networks

e-Business and e-Government
B2B, B2C, and C2C models
Mobile and pervasive commerce
e-Marketplaces, e-Hubs, and portals
Pervasive technologies for eCommerce
Business/Enterprise Architectures
P2P-computing for e-Commerce
e-Payment systems
e-Commerce content management
Consumer protection in eCommerce
Electronic Markets and Multiagent Systems
e-Negotiations, auctioning and contracting
Business informatization
Knowledge management
Agent-mediated e-Commerce
Digital goods and products
Dynamic pricing models
User behavior modeling
G2G, G2B and G2C models
Electronic document system
E-procurement and bidding
Mobile Technology and Web Services
Knowledge representation
Natural language processing
Robotics and perception
Multi-agent systems
Statistical learning
Deep learning
Soft Computing
Intelligent computing techniques
Any other AI techniques and their applications